Why Was WordPress Hacked?

Frequently Asked Questions

How did WordPress break?

If you’ve recently installed or upgraded to a new theme, plugin or WordPress version that may be the answer. Some servers actually need to be upgraded in order to run the latest versions and sometimes it’s a compatibility issue between your theme and a plugin or the version of WordPress you are using.

Why is my website suddenly slow?

In most cases this is usually because of a plugin or too many plugins hogging the server’s resources. Best practice would be to consolidate as many as you can with hardcode tricks and using methods of compression and caching to help keep your web pages fast to load.

Why does my website look funny?

Although you may have purchased a “mobile-friendly” theme your content may be throwing things off… nothing is truly perfect out of the box so it’s best to hire a WordPress expert for small tweaks to make things look right across all browsers and devices, i.e. smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Why was WordPress hacked?

It is more than likely luck of the draw… hackers create “worms” or “crawlers” that scan search engines for WordPress websites and when they find them they run a script to see if it can be hacked. They often do this to use your server for spam in hopes that it gets traced back to you and not them.

How could I have prevented this?

The most common mistakes are 1) falling behind with your software updates 2) using installation wizards instead of manual installations 3) not having any security plugins installed. Above and beyond that would likely mean that the hack took place outside of WordPress.

Was anything taken from me?

With a thorough investigation, we can look at the server’s “system logs” and trace the virus back to it’s source and every path it took along the way. This will help us confirm whether or not any of your sensitive data was accessed.

What does it cost to fix this?

There is a minimum charge of 1 hour which is at a rate of $100/hour… if you contact us quickly after the compromise that should cover it. If however the domain has been blacklisted, it might take a few more hours for a full recovery. Rest assured, we will quote you before billing you.

What is the turn-around time?

Generally speaking, I aim to have your website fixed within 3 business days but have been known to turn it around in as little as 2 hours. Some situations are more sensitive than others and require more time. Your situation is unknown to us until you submit your site for a diagnosis.

What is the refund policy?

If we cannot restore your website then we will refund your money. If however the website gets hacked again after we have successfully restored the website, you are not entitled to a refund. Installing new plugins, changing passwords or creating new users is enough to create a new threat.

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