WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO

Is your current WordPress SEO expert telling you that you need more content? I personally believe in quality over quantity. In my opinion relevancy, credibility and clarity are more important than quantity. In fact you can dilute your relevancy by posting too many blogs. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much SEO… don’t get caught in a rat race of pumping more and more content. That rule doesn’t apply unless you’re running a news blog.

Where do we begin?

It starts with an SEO audit, which effectively means an analysis of your website to identify problem areas (keyword relevancy, internal linking, page-speed, images, etc.) so we can devise a plan of action.

When will my website rank on page one?

It largely depends on where you currently rank and how fierce the competition is. Some markets are more saturated than others and therefore take longer to conquer.

What is the SEO process?

Aside from optimizing the website for your target keywords, we need to be sure we’ve selected the right keywords or rather keyphrases also known as “long tail keyphrase”. The long and short of it is understanding the psychology of the search terms.

For example, someone searching for the word “snake” could be anyone from a kid working on a school project to a full grown man looking for ideas on his next tattoo. But when you look at the keyphrase “snake bite arizona emergency” now we can assume that the individual who typed these keywords is dealing with a snake bite in arizona and is looking for the closest hospital with anti-venom. This is the essence of SEO… finding the right keyphrase. First comes quality, then comes quantity. There is no point in getting a lot of traffic is none of it converts.

How Does It Work?

Google generally updates its search results once every 30 days. That said, month after month we’ll get a report from Google Webmasters which will give us an outline of what to improve for the search engine robots that crawl the website. We will also get a report from Google Analytics to get an outline of what to improve for the humans that are visiting the website. Bit by bit, we’ll climb the rankings across all search engines using the feedback we collect monthly making calculated decisions to deploy the right strategy to achieve our goals.

What this means is that SEO is not a one-time fix… sure you can tune it up like a car but that’s only after you’ve achieved your goals. Why would you need a tune-up if you’ve already achieved your goals? The sad truth is the rules and the market change regularly. For example, last month you were ranked #1 on Google but a new competitor has entered the market and taken that spot from you… and Google also likes to change it’s algorithm from time to time so what worked last year may not work today. This is why SEO is a constant evolution and requires an update from time to time.

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