What makes the WPMD different than other WordPress experts?

PayPal Buyer’s Protection

Don’t think you got your money’s worth? When paying with PayPal, your funds are held by PayPal when you file a dispute until the issue is resolved. If the issue cannot be resolved within 7 business days, PayPal refunds the fees back to you.

More Than 10 Years Experience

I’ve been working with WordPress since version 2.0 on dozens of web hosts, hundreds of websites/blogs, e-commerce stores and multisite platforms hosting hundreds of subdomains. As the WP Chef, I not only cook delicious websites, I bake excellent firewalls and whip up monster servers. Big or small I’ve done them all.

Accredited Author

I have a guest blog with WPMU.org which is one of the largest and oldest WordPress Enterprises in history. My column was focused on best practices for WordPress Management and Search Engine Optimization. After a few months working with them my expertise grew 10 fold and I began blogging for myself; http://wpmu.org/author/cpaul

30 Day Guarantee

When I work on your website, I’ll take 2 backups, one before I begin and one when the job is finished. I then hold those backups for 30 days if for whatever reason you wish to restore one of them (site gets hacked again, I’ll restore the 2nd backup, if the site has lost one of it’s key features with an upgrade I can quickly restore the original version again). Now that’s WordPress Security!

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